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The Check-in page is used to track attendance and other items related to a member's attendance. The information on this page is specific to the current club date that is selected on the Top Menu Bar. When a member is created and assigned to a club, they will get a check-in record for each date the club meets. Besides the attendance information, this record will keep track of the member's role status, role type, club name, team name, team color, and team leader. If any of this information changes during the year, you will be able to see the historical data on the Check-in page by selecting a date in the past. (Be sure your Display Options are set to show the Club Info.) The status, type and club name are read-only on the Check-in page and are modified via the Role info on the Personal page. You can modify the team leader, color and name on the Check-in page, but it will be modified ONLY for the Current Club Week. If you'd like the team change to be for the remainder of the year, you should edit it on the Personal page instead.

The check-in information can be printed by tapping/clicking the Print buttonClub modulenear the top of the page.


Points are automatically awarded for each of the check-in items, as defined on the Club > Setup > Points page by a user who has Edit permission for Club Setup. The Other Points field can be used to track anything that is not currently available within the web app. Some examples are for tracking extra points for doing a good deed, saying a section word perfect, getting a parent signature, or completing certain sections that leadership considers worth more points.

Display Options

A user can customize which check-in items are shown on this page by selecting the Show Display Options buttonShow display optionsin the toolbar below the Member Details tabs. Within the Check-in Options dialog, check the boxes of the items to display and uncheck those to hide. The changes will take affect once Ok is pressed.

Also, there are two fields whose names can be customized by a user with Edit permission for Club Setup, to meet the needs of your club. A few examples are Water Bottle, Tennis Shoes, and On Time.

Check-in Items

The following items may be tracked using checkboxes:

  • Club Attendance
  • Church Attendance
  • Uniform
  • Bible
  • Handbook
  • Bonus - commonly used for participation on a theme night
  • Custom (1) - may be labeled and used for additional items to be tracked
  • Custom (2) - may be labeled and used for additional items to be tracked
  • Dues Paid
  • Offering
  • Session Info (Team Leader, Team Color, Team Name)

Additionally, you can track the following by entering numbers or dollar amounts:

  • Game Points
  • Other Points - can be a negative number
  • Points Spent - a positive number to be subtracted from Net Points
  • Dues Amount ($) - a payment record will be created/modified/deleted according to the amount specified. (Payments can be viewed within the Windows Remote Client)
  • Offering Amount ($)

To set the Number of visitors, click the Add a Visitor buttonAdd a visitor buttonfor each visitor and fill in their information in the Add a Visitor dialog. If the visitor is already in the database, select them from the dropdown menu. (The clubber must have a status of Visitor to show as an option.) If they are not in the database, then uncheck the checkbox and fill in the visitor's information. You can watch the How to add a new member video to learn more about adding new members.

There is also a Note field which can be used to track additional information such as how the Other Points were earned. This field is limited to 50 characters.