The DB Users Module includes functionality to manage the accounts that access your Approved Workman database. To show it, selectDB Users moduleDB Users in the Left Side Navigation. (This module will be hidden if a user's permission is set to No Access for DB Users. Once selected, a list of users is displayed.  Besides the user's name, the list will show each user's email address, whether or not they are logged in and if they are inactive. Select a user in the list to show the user's detailed information as described in the User Details section below.

User List toolbar:

Search toolSearch locate a user in the list by typing part of the name.  This will limit the list to only users who have a name (or part of a name) matching the text in the search box.  To return to the complete list of users, clear the text in the box.

Add new memberAdd New User  opens the Add New User dialog for adding a user. Enter First Name, Last Name, Username (used for login), email address and password. The password must have at least 8 characters and contain at least one number or symbol. Confirm the password, then tap/click the Save button.


Delete memberDelete User  deletes the selected user from the database. This deletion will fail if any records have been created or modified by this user.

TIP: To preserve historical information, deactivate the user record instead of deleting the user. Edit the user and uncheck 'Account is active' to deactivate them.

Show display optionsShow Display Options  opens the User List Options dialog to customize the information shown in the DB User List using these selections:


Show Only users who are either ACTIVE / LOGGED IN or INACTIVE. Check the box and select a condition to limit the list based on the user's status. 


Sort Users by up to three criteria.  Select from the following options to determine the order in which the users are displayed in the list:

First Name

Is Admin

Last Login

Last Logout

Last Name

Windows App Access


Display up to three pieces of information for each member.  Select from the following options:

Email Address

Inactive Date

Is Admin

Last Login

Last Logout


Windows App Access

Choose to show (check) or not show (uncheck) the last name first.

User Details:

Once a user is selected, the information listed below is initially shown as read-only text. Tap/click the Edit button*Edit memberto edit the information. Then use the Save Changes button*Save changesto save the changes. Or use the Done or Discard Changes button*Cancel changesto leave edit mode without saving the changes.

General Information

  • Account status  information about last login, last logout, and when the account became inactive. In edit mode, there is an "Account is active" checkbox that can be unchecked to make the account inactive.
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Username – this will be the name the person uses for logging in 
  • Email Address
  • Update Password* – in edit mode, check the box to show the password fields that allow you to change and confirm the user's password. (The password must have at least 8 characters and contain at least one number or symbol.)


Shows 'Administrator' if the user has full access to AWdb; otherwise, shows a list of permissions as described in the DB Users Permissions article. In edit mode, uncheck the Administrator checkbox to show the various components that will allow you to limit a user's access to data.


Any additional information related to the user.

Permission settings may prevent this from showing. See DB Users Permissions for details.