We are pleased to announce that the Approved Workman Web App is ready to ‘Go Live’ with the first full release version as of Tuesday, August 16.

When you are ready to go live after evaluating the Demo, send us an email and we will create a new (empty) database for you on the cloud server.


If you would like us to migrate your data from an existing AWdb Windows Desktop database, please send us an email requesting instructions for that process.


We are working on a new Windows Remote Client app. We hope to have a stable pre-release version of it available soon.  This new Windows Client app will have nearly all the same functionality as the current Windows Desktop app (including the grids, registration window, ledger and reports etc.), but it will work with the database on the cloud server.  Those who need/want the extra features of this windows client app can use it, while others who just need the basics to track attendance and mark handbook sections can use a smart phone or tablet with the Web App. 


Thank you for supporting the AWdb Web App project!