Any of the pages within the Web App's Club and Members modules can be printed, including the Member List. Just click on the Printer button to print the information on the page. You can use filters and display options to show only the information on the page that you are interested in printing.

Also, there are a variety of reports within the Windows App's Reports module.  Just click on that link to download then run the app. Then click on its Reports tab to see descriptions of each report that you can choose to print. Each report has its own set of options for choosing the information to show on the report. A couple of popular reports are "Check-in and Progress Report Worksheets" and "Current Handbook Status", since they allow you to print blank forms for recording attendance and handbook progress during club if your internet goes down.

If you're not familiar with the two web apps and want to learn more about when you would use one or the other, you might find this FAQ useful.