Within the AWdb Browser App:

If you can't find a member in the member list by typing their name in the search field above the list, either your current filter is preventing them from showing in the list or your access to members is limited due to permissions*.  If a permission filter is keeping you from seeing a member you feel you need access to, talk to your AWdb admin to gain access.

The easiest way to search the entire database (or all of the members to which you have access) is to use the Name field in the filter dialog.

Clear all of the filters using theClear all filtersbutton, then type the first, preferred or last name in the Name filter and select OK. You can then review the member's information and make changes to items that may be preventing it from being included in your normal filter.

If a member was archived and does not have a role in the latest club year (because they were missing a grade and could not be promoted, or you accidentally chose to archive them from the list of members the system suggested you archive due to lack of attendance), they will also not have any session records for the year. Therefore, you must turn off the "A member must have a session (check-in) record on the current club date in order to be matched by filters." option before they can be matched.

If your filter results are large, you can type a preferred or last name in the search field above the member list to further narrow the results.

Tip: If you want to be able to easily switch back to your previous filter after searching on a name or without session records, you can save your filter before changing it so that you can select it again when you're ready.

Within the AWdb Windows Remote Client:

By default, only members with a role for the current club year will show in the clubber or leader grid. You can click the "Show all Persons" button (icon with 3 people and a gear) in the Clubbers List toolbar to show all members within the database, regardless of type and status. (Even leaders will show in the Clubber grid when this button is pressed.)

If you are looking for a single person, the quickest way to find them is to use the Search Member field in the far upper left corner of the main form, and search by first or last name.

* If your access to members is limited by permissions, you will see "NOTE: Your access to filter options are limited by permissions set by an admin user." at the top of the Filter Dialog.