When you assign a book to a clubber, you have the option of which awards will get triggered for it. Set the Award Set to "Emblems" (default) to trigger the Chevrons, to "UC1 Emblems" to trigger the first set of 8 UC Emblems, or to "UC2 Emblems" to trigger the second set of 8 UC Emblems. If the book is already assigned, you can edit it and update the Award Set as needed.

Also, if you notice the need to update the Award Set after incorrect awards have already been triggered, you can deselect the handbook section(s) that triggered the award(s) to delete them. Then with the Award Set corrected and with the correct Current Club Date selected, reselect the handbook section(s) to trigger the correct award(s).

Hint: If you have multiple dates when incorrect awards were triggered, you may find it easier to use the Windows App to make the edits, which allows you to explicitly set a section's completion date instead of needing to change the Current Club Date before marking a section as complete.