The short answer: the Check-in page shows session information for the selected club date and the Personal page shows role information for the selected club year. Session information is the weekly data.  The Role is the current assignments.

Details: When a change is made to the Role, the Session records for the selected club date and all remaining dates in the year are updated to the new information; but session records prior to the selected date are not changed, in order to maintain historical data. This can result in different information in the Role than in the Session records for some dates.

Example: The first week of January you move a clubber from the Red to the Blue team. Session records prior to the change will continue to show Red as the team color; so, for the first week of December, the Check-in page will show Red as the team color (historical information), but the Personal page's Role Info will show Blue (current team color).  For a date in late January, both the Session record and the Role will show Blue.

Additional Note: When a member is added mid-year, Session records prior to the date the member is added will have a Status of Inactive (based on the assumption the new member just started attending when they were added). If you are adding a member who should be active for the entire year, set the current club date to the first club meeting date before adding them. Otherwise, if your filter is set to only show Active members, the member will not show in the list when a club date is selected prior to the date the member was added.

Fixing errors: Inaccurate Session information for the team can be edited within the Check-in page on the selected club date; however, if the historical Session information for Status, Member Type or Club is incorrect, it is tricky to fix. It can only be done by making additional changes to the Role. For example, during the second week, you add a new member that has been active since week one. Now they inaccurately have Inactive set as their Status for week one. To change the session Status for week one, set the current club date to week one. Go to the Personal page to edit the Role information. The Status will already be Active. Change the Status to anything other than Active and save. Then change the Status back to Active and save again. This forces all session dates for the year, starting with the first week, to become Active.

The Windows App provides a quick and easy way to view the entire year of session information for a member. Double-click on a member to open the Member Dialog, then select the Attendance tab. Looking at this view can also help figure out why a member might not be showing up in a list, given your filter settings.